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Technology Consultation

Technology Consultation

ZincoBS's Technology Consultation combines strategic capabilities with extensive experience in technology to cover the entire range of technological capabilities, from the development of an IT strategy up to optimisation solutions for IT applications and infrastructure.

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    At the same time, technological advances, cloud computing and service-oriented architecture are creating more flexible application environments that can offer a great value if used correctly. In order to meet these challenges, companies across all sectors are focusing their attention and resources on business process management (BPM).

    ZincoBS helps companies to deal with this change successfully, while at the same time developing scalable, efficient and flexible business processes in order to create a competitive advantage in both the short and long term. Although many companies provide assistance on BPM-specific features, the unique combination of ZincoBS's skills, methods, tools and resources generates value quickly and productively.

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High performance depends on the ability to gain as much knowledge as possible from data, which is required by organisations to adopt improved and faster decisions.

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    The following are some of our services from this area:

    The development of I.T. applications
    Finite capacity production Planning. PREACTOR APS Software
    Lean Manufacturing
    Six Sigma
    Data capture solutions plan
    Maintenance management. Software TOOL 3.0
    Database design
    Network infrastructures. Network

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Information Technologies

Company Architecture

We define and implement a roadmap that can be applied to the field of technology, to address current needs and act as a guide to companies for the updating of their core technologies and for the promotion of future growth.

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    Infrastructure Consulting

    We help our clients to move from a complex and costly infrastructure to one that is cost-effective, highly flexible and scalable. Creating an optimum work space and introducing work processes and IT infrastructure required to achieve improvement performance.

    We help companies to shape their I.T. system, to maximise shareholder value and business value, while moving toward high performance.

    We align the I.T. strategy with the business strategy already in place to provide a global I.T. perspective.


    Mobility solutions that incorporate ZincoBS's systems help companies to take advantage of business-to-employee (B2E), business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) business opportunities. Our services include:

    Mobility Consulting

    Mobility strategy and planning

    Devices/products portfolio planning and strategy