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Our firm is organised into departments and in areas of legal practice, powered by lawyers with expertise in specific legal and economic matters. This specialisation is combined with the overall legal training of our professionals and with a particular work system that allows the organisation of multidisciplinary work teams in a flexible, efficient and effective manner.

This system allows us to fully cover all the disciplines of Law while also tailoring our advice to the particular needs of each client and each case in question.

ZincoBS's Trade Law department covers the entire scope of business, financial and trade operations. The extensive experience of our Firm's professionals in corporate law, restructuring, development and monitoring of trade contracts, M&A operations and in the consultation of companies on good governance practices, guarantees the high quality of our work in this area.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
Specific advice to entrepreneurs, public and private investors, and venture capital entities in the definition of strategies in investment and divestment processes.
Legal and financial assistance and intervention in corporate restructuring processes.
Management and development of legal and tax audits (Due diligence) prior to restructuring operations: mergers, divestitures, acquisitions.
Agreements and structures for association and national and international cooperation (Joint Venture).
Incorporation and the establishment of companies

Company law
Comprehensive advice to companies and other legal entities in different stages of their activity.
Design and implementation of corporate structures.
Drafting of partner agreements.
Ongoing support and advice to the management bodies and corporate administration.
Specialisation in leading sectors:
>Competition Law.
>New Technologies Law.

Contract law
Advice and drafting of all types of trade contracts: distribution, agency, franchise, lease, license, service provision, logistics, outsourcing.
Advice in the following areas: Intellectual property, Patents and Trademarks.
National and international framework.
Advice aimed at preventing the appearance of conflicts. Disputes between partners, Administrative, Board and Director Responsibility.

The department of Tax Law has a team with extensive experience in consultation in the public and private sphere. Our tax advice covers all levels, both individual and corporate, that comprise its equity and the investments made to any corporate level.

General Taxation
Recurring and ongoing tax advisory services.
Property tax planning.
National and international corporate taxation.
Processes of internationalisation of companies.
Tax Advice for expatriates and foreigners

Tax Planning in business restructuring processes
The design and legal implementation of corporate restructuring and reorganisation.
Joint-Venture Agreements.

Tax Advice to non-residents
Investment and disinvestment processes. Tax analysis for the repatriation of income flows from Spain to other countries.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)/ due diligence
Tax assistance in the processes of company sale / branches of activity.
Sale tax due diligence.
Vendor due diligence.

Tax Management and procedures
Advice on Tax Administration Service verification and investigation processes: inspections by Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT), truncated and general verifications and before all the bodies and inspection units reporting to this Tax Agency.
Advice on economic-administrative procedures, on all types of proceedings before the Regional and Central Economic-Administrative Courts: filing of claims, preparation of allegations and appeals.
Advice on contentious-administrative proceedings and before all courts: filing of suits, preparation of allegations, appeals, and hearings.

The Procedural Law area provides legal advice and assistance to our clients in the field of litigation, in matters such as the local and international arbitration as well as risk assessment and definition of strategies in the pre-litigation stage.

The following are some of the areas involved in Procedural Law consultation:

Patents - Brands - Designs
Advice on protection strategies. Proceedings before the Intellectual Property Registry
Copyright infringement proceedings before the Courts.

Intellectual Property - Information Technology
Advice on protection strategies. Proceedings before the Intellectual Property Registry
Copyright infringement proceedings before the Courts.

Unfair competition - Competition law - Advertising
Advice and defence before judicial and extra-judicial Bodies
Preventive advice to prevent infringements of regulation in force relating to unfair competition, competition law and advertising.

Agency - Distribution - Franchise
Advice on the drafting and negotiation of agency, distribution and franchising contracts
Proceedings before the Courts and other bodies competent in matters related to Competition Law.

Product and Labelling Responsibility
Advice on the compliance of products, their labels and form of presentation with regulation in force
Intervention before Consumer Agencies.

Disputes between partners - Responsibility of Administrators - Corporate Law
Establishment and registration of trade companies. Corporate By-laws
Advice to Corporate Bodies. Corporate Deeds and Agreements.

The Employment Law Department deals with legal advice, both in terms of employment law and Social Security, in the following areas:

Employment Management.
Preparation of salary slips.
Preparation of self-assessments and sign-offs
Ongoing employment advice.
Risk prevention.

Employment law
Advice on employment contracts.
Legal Defence.
Tax Agency and Work Inspection.
Social Security and Contingency Systems.
Collective Negotiation.
Corporate restructuring.
Incentive Plans for managers and workers.
Expiration of contracts.
Ongoing employment advice.
Risk prevention.

ZincoBS's insolvency department offers comprehensive advice, both from a legal and an economic and a financial viewpoint, to those parties that may be affected by insolvency cases, either the insolvent company itself or the creditors.

Our company has proven expertise in the following areas in particular

>Advice in pre-insolvency stage.
>Pre-insolvency refinancing.
>Structuring of investments in assets.
>Request for voluntary insolvency.
>Legal Counsel and advice on insolvency proceedings.
>Representation of creditors and credit protection.
>Advice in the settlement/agreement stage.
>Preparation of agreement with creditors.