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ZincoBS has been strongly involved with innovation and entrepreneurship projects from the very beginning and has emerged as a pioneering firm and leader in technological-legal consultation in this area.

For the company to be able to effectively lead their process of innovation, we have established a methodology, based on the Silicon Valley business model, but that has our special local features.

Our experience in multiple 'start ups' as well as in well-established companies is a guarantee of effectiveness.
We use a system that we call '7 Quick Wins' (as coined by our collaborator Julián Manzanas):

1> Initial Investigation
2> Technology Supervision
3> Background Study
4> Patentability Study
5> State of the Art Analysis
6> Benchmarking of patent infringement to/from competitors.
7> Economic Valuation-strategic patent portfolio.

Our legal advice specifically includes:

> Comprehensive legal advice to start-ups and entrepreneurs
> Tax advice in business collaboration formulas.
> Partners agreements and establishment of companies.
> Determination of the appropriate legal vehicle (depending on the business plan, strategy, and prospects for growth).
> Protection and exploitation of intellectual and/or industrial property.
> Protection and exploitation of innovation.
> Advisory Services related to R&D activities.
> Technology development contracts.
> Support to public research centres in the definition and execution of its processes of technology transfer and creation of spin-offs.

We also have extensive experience in the structuring of collaborative projects, as well as in providing legal support to business angels and venture capital entities in investment negotiation processes.