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ZincoBS strives to be the leader in engineering for all the companies that embark on the difficult task of clarifying the complicated world of energy. With this in mind, we offer a range of professional services that aid their decision-making in an effective manner.

ZincoBS develops its knowledge and services in the following areas:

energia zinco

> Renewable Energy

> Energy Training

> The Environment and Energy

> Energy Regulation
We constantly monitor current legislation on the field of energy, passing this on to our clients and providing the necessary advice for the implementation of renewable energy and achieving maximum energy efficiency for the company.

> Innovation
Innovation (hydrogen technology and economy, plasma technology, microwave technology, reports technology on technological supervision and technical status)

> Distributed Generation: energy parks
Energy saving management in industrial, residential buildings, etc...

We carry out studies and projects on renewable energy installations:
> Thermal Solar, photovoltaic and wind Energy.
> Geothermal
> Biomass, Biogas

As well as general installations:
> Air conditioning, ventilation, SWH production System
> Heating, lighting
> Electrical and engine Systems
> Compressed air systems
> We manage potential grants, subsidies or funding sources available related to power installations.